Freeze Alert

Ponds and Creeks

Please supervise your children and caution them to stay off the ponds and creeks.  The ice is very thin and with rising temperatures will thin even more and is dangerous! Keep our children safe.

Boil alert

Lantana is NOT under a mandatory boil alert.  Lantana District has been able to maintain our pumping station during this weather event to deliver water to the customers of Lantana. This is from having backup power available and power from Coserv to power the pumps that deliver water .  TCEQ requires a boil water notice to be issued when the water PSI goes below 35 psi.  Lantana Water system exceeds this requirement significantly. 

Freeze Warning

Pipes: Protect any exposed pipes by wrapping them with an insulation material. Cover any hose bibs with a Styrofoam cover. If you have a pool with a fill valve, make certain the hose bib is turned off and relieve the pressure from the pipe by opening the fill valve at the pool. Turn off your irrigation system. If you have an above ground backflow device on your irrigation system, turn it off and drain it if possible or insulate the piping and cover it. If temperatures dip down into the single digits and you have water lines on the exterior walls on north side of your home, you may want to leave the inside faucets dripping slightly. If pipes are frozen under sinks leave cabinets open and try to get some electric heat on the area but do not use an open flameof any sort.

Pets: Bring your pets inside and make certain they have fresh water inside. A frozen water bowl outside does them no good.

Plants: Cover any tender foliage or plant materials susceptible to a hard freeze with a sheet or blanket. Do not cover them with plastic.

People: Avoid staying outside for extended periods of time. If you do need to be outside dress in multiple layers and make certain your head is covered and your hands. Fingers and toes can be frost bitten much quicker than you realize.

Security System: 
If the security system is beeping when the power is off then the battery needs to be replaced.

Shelters: For locations of warming shelters please review :

North Texas Cities Open Warming Centers as Millions of Texans Face Bitter Cold and No Power

They are predicting record low or near record low temperatures Saturday through next Thursday. Please be safe and stay home and inside if possible.

Call the Water District at 940-728-5050 if you have any questions or need any additional information.