Building Inspection & Permits

Building Inspection & Permits

Do I need a permit for a fence and how tall can it be?
Fence Permit(s) are required on all fences built, including replacement of existing fences. All fences have to be approved by the Lantana Architectural Review Committee (ARC) prior to submittal for permitting. Minor fence repairs do not require a permit.
Where can I put my outdoor structure, and what materials can I use to build it?

Structures such as patio covers, covered outdoor kitchens or pergolas may be built as long as they meet setback criteria for that lot, obtain approval from the ARC and are submitted for permitting. Materials used will be governed by the ARC. Read the Lantana Design Guidelines to determine the setback and specifications for your neighborhood.

Do I need a permit to repair or replace my roof (shingles)?
A permit is not required for roof replacement or repairs. You must contact the ARC to obtain approval for shingle specifications.
How do I know if my project requires inspections and what inspections the DCFWSD requires?

The District staff will be able to clarify any and all inspection requirements; you can either call the district office or review the Single Family Permit Guidelines. For more specific inspection questions and specific codes enforced by the District, you can go to the DCFWSD Inspection Guidelines.

Do I need a permit to have a block party or gathering in one of the parks?

These type gatherings are considered “Special Events” by the District and are required to be permitted. A Block Party Permit application must be filled out and approved prior to the event taking place. Block Party Permits are $50.00.

I want to expand/widen or add driveway connection to my property. What is the procedure? Is there a fee involved?

A driveway permit application must be filled out with a plan attached to the permit. The plan (8 ½” x 11”) shall include width of the existing and proposed driveway, distance from the neighbor’s property, etc. The fees are based upon the value of work.

Do I need a permit to replace a water heater?
Yes. Please pull a Plumbing Permit and submit to Lantana District Offices. Plumbers must be registered.